Lengthen Your Smartphone’s Lifespan with These Simple Tricks

The task of keeping a mobile phone clean and in good working condition is a tedious one. We’re so used to keeping up our laptops and other electronics that we really don’t give it much thought.

However, a mobile phone is a personal investment that deserves as much attention and care as our other electronic gadgets. If you care about keeping your phone in good working order, here are a few simple tips that you should follow.

First of all, whenever you buy a new cell phone, make sure to buy a good battery. While the idea of getting a new phone without investing in a good battery may sound tempting, you may want to save some money instead and get a second-hand battery.

It will probably be cheaper than buying a new phone, especially if you can find a good refurbished unit. Just keep in mind that a new cell phone will be less likely to have serious problems with it compared to a refurbished or used model.

Another useful tip for keeping the phone well-maintained is to turn off the auto-answer feature on your phone. There are people who just leave their phones permanently while at home. While this may be convenient for a lot of people, it can also lead to significant battery consumption problems.

Instead, try to set your auto-answer feature to “on”, which will give your phone ample time to recharge itself before it answers the call. It will also help you save battery power. As a rule, do not take your cell phones off in places where you go to recharge. In fact, don’t let your phones even out on your person.

This is particularly important if you are going to be away from home for an extended period of time since your battery will need to fully recharge when you are gone. Of course, consider the fact that you could also damage the phone if you drop it.

If you must leave your phone on the table or similar surface where it can be easily damaged, place it on a soft surface where the shock will be minimal. Another important step for keeping the phone well-maintained is to use an appropriate case. We recommend that you give starlabs iphone repair a try if you have an iphone and if you want guaranteed service.

There are many cases available, ranging from economical (i.e., cases made of plastic or cheap vinyl) to very stylish (cases made of leather, suede, or some other high-end material). Leather or suede case will protect your phone while adding an element of style.

Suede or leather case is also useful if you have a lot of hair that could get in the way of the phone’s screen, preventing you from making an accurate call. Also, you should keep your phone well-maintained by following the proper battery and water-saving practices.

For example, if you frequently make calls during bad weather, try to turn down the volume of your phone as much as possible. Likewise, if your phone is at room temperature most of the time, keep it plugged in whenever possible, and use your cell only when absolutely necessary.

Don’t let your phone gets too hot or too cold. Keeping your phone well-maintained means taking good care of it. It is highly recommended that you get a case or a holder for your phone, so that you won’t have to put your phone on your shirt, inside a pocket, etc.

Keep your phone away from moisture, extremes of temperature, too much physical contact with sharp objects, and chemicals (for instance, nail polish remover). In short, avoid using any of these things to try to clean your phone, and if you must clean your phone, do so in a careful, sterile environment (such as your house).

In addition, keep the phone well-maintained by refraining from tinkering with it. Don’t drop it, smash it against the wall, or otherwise try to open up its innards. Don’t even rub it! The last thing you need is dirt entering into its tiny gaps.

If you must take it apart, at least do it gently. You can also keep it from getting damaged if you purchase a protective carrying case.